Completing The Construction Of An Incomplete World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have a huge force in our hands and there is nothing that compares to it in the world. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the foundation of nature without all the myths and beliefs! The physical laws, the most profound laws of the world are mutual cooperation of two opposing forces: the Light and the vessel (desire), the attribute of reception and the attribute of bestowal, and there’s nothing but that.

Call them what you want: plus and minus, the North Pole and the South Pole, or proton and electron. We have the method to balance them that explains how we can build the world using these two building blocks, how we can complete the building of this purposefully incomplete world by ourselves, and thus understand what the Creator wants of us.

He wants us to be able to build it with Him. Just like a child builds a house of building blocks, sculptures something, plays with a construction set, or puts together a jigsaw puzzle, we too have to complete building this world!

The still, vegetative, and animate parts of this world are instinctively balanced. Nature operates in them so that they are never wrong and function correctly. Someone catches someone else, someone eats someone else; this is how nature governs them. This is so except for man.

We contain the animate and the speaking levels. We have to bring the animate level to balance with nature. This means reasonable consumption. The world will have to come to it either by suffering, by a crisis, or in a good way. I think that this development will accelerate now.

In any case, now everyone is already speaking about this openly. Lately we hear on the media that things will not be better in the future, but even worse. It isn’t only in Europe, but in America and in other countries too. That is, people already admit that there is no way out of this state.

Thus, nature will bring us either consciously or by blows to feel the necessity of a wise existence, of reasonable consumption: Everything should be shared equally, and then everyone will have whatever they need to subsist. All the other forces and time will be aimed only at attaining the next level called Adam (human), meaning similarity to the Creator in unity between us.

This is what we have to build by ourselves. We have to attain this level and to exist in it sensibly and not instinctively, so that we’ll be able to attain the level of the Creator, the one unified force that surrounds and manages us.

We must not think about this force as something material. Only the desire can be real. The Light that manages it is not matter, but only an intention to bestow. We will understand this with time.
From the Georgia Convention 11/6/12, Lesson 4

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