Why Is The Creator Constantly Shaking Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are under the constant influence of the one and only force of the Creator—there is none else besides Him. Why does He always confuse us? We sleep, and then all of a sudden we wake up, get inspired, rejoice, and then again have no idea where to go. We feel like we want to stay close to our friends, then we prefer to be as far from them as possible, staying away from the group. Then we are either in high spirits or suddenly become sad. What does He want of us? Why does He constantly toss us from side to side? Why doesn’t He give us concrete and correct directions on how to advance?

Religions dictate: “Do this and that, and everything will be fine. Don’t do that or you’ll be in trouble.” Everything is clear there. This is the way we teach our children: “Stop doing this, it’s bad. You’ll succeed if you do what I am telling you.”

Everything that’s going on in the world is more or less clear to us except our own spiritual work. We are doing something that is utterly elusive. We are in constant confusion. Something that we clearly understood yesterday is totally vague to us today and we can’t even come back to it.

Why does the Creator turn us into people who swing from one state to another, from certain conclusions to others? If He is One, Unique and Unified, if He is the only force that governs us, then where do our diverse states come from? Why does He do everything in His power to confuse and disorient us and bring us to a state when our desires and thoughts are of no help at all?

Question: Why does He do that? If, say, this single force is throwing us from side to side, then why does He evoke such states in us when the more we advance, the more doubts and troubles we go through? Does He really want us to come closer to Him? Why doesn’t He want us to become smarter and stronger? There is a goal, a method, everything! Then why do we experience ever new opposing sensations and opinions? What’s going on in general?! Why does He need all of this?

Answer: The Creator constantly shakes us in order to make us understand that we are helpless and to motivate us to eventually appeal to Him. Why does He constantly shake us as if we’re in a washing machine? He does that to make us lose the ground that we stand on and hold onto Him.…
From the Georgia Convention 11/5/12, Workshop 1

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