In the Adhesion Between Us

938.04I will also ask that you make great efforts in love of friends, to devise tactics that can increase the love among the friends and revoke the lust for bodily matters from among you, as this is what casts hate, and between those who give contentment to their Maker there shall be no hatred. Rather, there are great compassion and love between them. (Baal HaSulam, Letter 11)

The most important thing for us is to break away from all these beautiful words. Because there are no words at all, there is only feeling in the adhesion between us by the inner inclination. In it we will define and reveal the Creator. Moreover, we will see that this is the simplest, shortest, closest feeling to us.

This is how we will discover what a spiritual quality is. It is only contact between desires, between people, everyone to everyone. There is nothing personal in this from anyone.

When these aspirations for each other, not for myself, but only for others, connect, they form a zone in which the Creator is revealed, a place where only mutual bestowal exists. We have to create this place between us.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe – Lithuania 2022, Lesson 1, 7/22/22

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