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Ready to Raise the Shechina from the Dust

260.01Shattering is indeed an opportunity for correction. And therefore, when Kabbalists saw the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, everyone wept and the greatest sage Rabbi Akiva laughed. He was sure that now there was an opportunity to start building the Temple, that is, a place for the revelation of the Creator between us.

The external shattering shows us that there is a shattering within us. If we reveal how severe our external shattering is, then we understand how we are shattered internally and have the opportunity to raise  Divinity from the dust.

This is the state in which we find ourselves; we reveal that we have neither strength, nor understanding, nor any clue of how to start building our connection called the Temple, that is, the place where the Creator can be revealed. Therefore, we can also rejoice that we have recognized what we lack.

Many have been complaining lately that we have no chance, no strength, no way to reach connection. It is good that we have come to recognize how much we are opposite to the qualities of the Temple, the place suitable for the revelation of the Creator. After all, our task is to build a vessel (Kli) where the Creator can be revealed.

It is good that we understand that this is not in our powers and capabilities because we are completely opposite to this. So, we can only demand, pray, and ask.

We must try to get closer to each other against our egoism as much as possible and then cry to the Creator that we are not able to complete this action, and He must complete it for us, uniting us into one spiritual Kli in which He can be revealed. As it is said, “The Creator will finish this work for us.”

The very first task is the revelation of Divinity, the place where the Creator will be revealed. This place is built on the connection between us. If we in the ten are not able to connect as one man with one heart, then we are in a state of shattering. But if we are already aware of this state and do not agree to remain in it but want to correct the nature of our relationship, then we are ready to raise the Divinity from the dust.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/26/22, “The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction”

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Order of Correction

938.03Question: Which of our actions will become the needle that pierces the wall between us and the Creator?

Answer: It is only in the connection between you that you will gradually be able to feel what in fact stands between you and the Creator. You have to work on connection and then you will feel what else separates you from the Creator.

Therefore, it is written: “From love for the created beings to the love for the Creator. The correction takes place in this order.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe – Lithuania 2022, Lesson 1, 7/22/22

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Prayer Given by the Creator

261Question: What prayer has the Creator already put into our mouths?

Answer: Anything you feel for the Creator, you will discover that this is the prayer He put into you.

It will seem to you at first that this prayer is yours, the request is yours, and everything is yours. But in fact, this is not so. All of it is what He put into you initially.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe – Lithuania 2022, Lesson 1, 7/22/22

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A Friend Stands on the Way to the Creator

528.01Question: There are two kinds of spiritual work: when I connect the friends in my heart and when I exit myself and as if dissolve in the friends. Is there any sequence and dependency in this work, and which work precedes which?

Answer: It does not matter. Later you will find out what sequence and variability exist between them. But the most important thing is when you will feel closer to a friend. After all, a friend stands on the way to the Creator. If you merge with him and come closer to him, then you come closer to the Creator.

A contact with the Creator is possible only within a friend. When you are fully integrated with him, there you can find your contact with the Creator.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe – Lithuania 2022, Lesson 1, 7/22/22

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In the Adhesion Between Us

938.04I will also ask that you make great efforts in love of friends, to devise tactics that can increase the love among the friends and revoke the lust for bodily matters from among you, as this is what casts hate, and between those who give contentment to their Maker there shall be no hatred. Rather, there are great compassion and love between them. (Baal HaSulam, Letter 11)

The most important thing for us is to break away from all these beautiful words. Because there are no words at all, there is only feeling in the adhesion between us by the inner inclination. In it we will define and reveal the Creator. Moreover, we will see that this is the simplest, shortest, closest feeling to us.

This is how we will discover what a spiritual quality is. It is only contact between desires, between people, everyone to everyone. There is nothing personal in this from anyone.

When these aspirations for each other, not for myself, but only for others, connect, they form a zone in which the Creator is revealed, a place where only mutual bestowal exists. We have to create this place between us.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe – Lithuania 2022, Lesson 1, 7/22/22

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When Will the Awakening of the World Come?

254.01Question: Now everyone in the world is saying the same thing you said a few years ago: “You will hear that we need to unite, that this world is global.” What is the difference between their words and the words of a Kabbalist?

Answer: Firstly, we are really getting closer and time is shortening. If Baal HaSulam in the twenties of the last century said that the whole world must unite, then humanity only began to talk about it in the twenties of this century. A hundred years have passed since then, and it seemed to him that it was about to begin.

And several years have passed between our words about the need for connection and the words of the world about it. This suggests that the world has gone into a serious acceleration of its development.

Secondly, I am waiting for the world and me to be able to talk at the same frequencies, not just about the same thing, but at the same frequencies, when not just the main waves will coincide, but all the particular harmonics within them.

By “connection” people don’t mean what I mean, but rather they mean an egoistic connection. I think it won’t help. We need at least some intermediate stage. But I hope that I will still find the world coming closer to understanding what Kabbalah is talking about. It will see that we are talking about rising above egoism and not about using egoism to unite.

The use of egoism for connection was what was in the Soviet Union, and we saw what it led to. You cannot place egoism between universal social relations; you must rise above them. This is what Marx meant when he wrote about socialism and communism.

Socialism means giving for the sake of giving, communism means receiving for the sake of giving, meaning, two spiritual degrees of ascent above egoism. Giving for the sake of giving is a quality of Bina, a spiritual degree.

It is necessary that people gradually begin to come closer to understanding the correct connection, which should happen over the coming years. The problem is whether we can turn this around from two sides: by our internal ascent and by explaining it to the masses from the outside. We spread our thoughts and forces in the world. Many are beginning to understand this, to agree that a person’s thoughts affect the world, and if such a strong team as ours thinks, then naturally its influence on the world from within the world is huge, and people feel these thoughts without even knowing where they came from. The masses are beginning to think in unison with us.

I think that this will slowly begin to pass into the general awareness of ordinary, remote people. I am waiting for them to begin to awaken to this kind of awareness, the germs of the next state. And then you can talk to them more explicitly.

In principle, the material is prepared for this. I don’t know if I will live to see this. After all, we are talking about huge layers of humanity that should begin to feel mutual incorporation, mutual rapprochement, and mutual connection as a given of nature. I don’t know how fast they’ll start to feel it. But all the same, the material is prepared, and people will come.

I think my main job is done. Of course, I would like to start implementing this as much as possible. Let’s see if it works out or not.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The World After Сatastrophe” 2/14/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 8/2/22

Preparation to the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic “Opening the Locked Gates”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot,” Item 17

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Vol. 1, Part 3, “Inner Observation,” Chapter 14, Item 5

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