Love For The Creator Is Love For The Quality Of Bestowal

laitman_565.01Question: Are there any signs that the Creator is getting nearer?

Answer: Answer yourself: “How much you can cultivate this force, this quality, between you?” You create the Creator, as it is written: “As though you have made Me.” Only this way and in no other way.

Question: But you say that it is not in person’s power to perform this commandment?

Answer: When we, the egoists, try to connect with each other, we begin to ask that our attempts will be realized—this is when we turn to the Creator. However, this is not the Creator yet, rather just an external force that gave birth to egoism, and therefore, by trying to become similar to it, we can withdraw it from the side of egoism.

Question: What is “love for the Creator”? What exactly do we love: the quality of bestowal or something abstract?

Answer: It is about the quality of bestowal, just as in our world we can love, respect, and praise any quality that exists in nature, in society, and in people. We attain love for the Creator as the manifestation of love for our neighbor.

Question: Where is the border between love for our neighbor and love for the Creator at the highest degree?

Answer: When a particular neighbor is blurred and disappears, then the Creator emerges instead of him. In fact, it is the same thing.

Question: Is the love for the Creator and the spiritual world the same thing?

Answer: The spiritual world is the field of bestowal and love. Our world is the field of reception and hatred. The world is a field of forces: either negative (our world) or positive (upper world).

The attainment of love for the Creator implies a spiritual attainment.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 3/15/18

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