My World Is A Collection Of Desires

laitman_423.02Question: Kabbalists call everything desires. Even scientists have a hard time understanding when you explain that a table is also a desire and that everything we see around us are desires.

Answer: Of course, any object is a certain kind of desire, that is, a collection of atoms that exist in a corresponding connection with each other. But in what form does this table exist? In the form of desire. It is felt in my desires, and nothing exists except for this.

Question: What does “in me” mean? I can see the table outside of me.

Answer: It seems to you that you see it outside of yourself. In fact, you feel it in yourself. Even stars or other huge bodies you feel in yourself, not outside yourself.

Precisely because there are inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human desires in you, you feel them inside yourself in various combinations and call them “my world.” Outside yourself there is nothing except for the forces that affect and bring about such pictures in you. Everything that you now feel around you exists within you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 5/13/18

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