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With his actions, man records himself in the book of the righteous, the book of spiritual life, bestowal and love for others, or in the book of sinners, spiritual death, wishing to fill himself with earthly fulfillments.

It’s written that the Creator forgives only sins that people have forgiven, i.e., He fills only our corrected mutual relations. To this extent He is revealed. So we must only ask to discover the forces of evil between us and their correction—that’s how we will merit forgiveness.

The state of Judgement Day can happen on any day, at any moment. In our world everything is determined by a dead system, but in the spiritual system everything depends on one’s individual development. It’s possible for one to be in a state of Judgement and another on a regular day.

The egoistic desire is revealed—evolution progresses, we develop from one generation to the next and in our lives. I am therefore obligated to constantly judge myself to correct “my sins” prepared by the Creator, chances I’ve missed to unite all people into one system.

If politics weren’t nourished by strife, hate wouldn’t inspire and consolidate one party against the other: when someone wins, someone else loses.
It if were instead nourished by the fight against our ego, life would be different—there’d be no room for terrorism.

The mind serves the ego-desire, helping it attain pleasant and avoid unpleasant things, like an animal.
If one understands this and wishes to gain the reason of man, Adam, similar to the Creator, then he acts not in order to fill desires, but to become similar to the upper force.

Carrying out spiritual work “wholeheartedly” means carrying it out in the unification of all hearts, in one single heart-desire.

The prophet wrote: “…and they’ll raise the people of Israel up on their shoulders and lift them to Jerusalem”—”To lift” means to raise to the degree of brotherly love. Then brotherly love will spread to the whole world as well. And “the whole world will become good and tranquil.”

The world’s good future state depends on influencing Israel. But not when people condemn and wish to annihilate it.
Influencing means inciting the Jewish nation to unite through a good attitude between them. Then the good attitude will spread to the whole world.

Lately the world wishes to destroy the Jews more and more often, and thus to get rid of all evil in the world. But all evil comes from improper unification of the Jewish nation. In this regard it can show an example, as Abraham had done in Ancient Babylon.

I’m not in any part of the system. I’m smeared all over it, among billions of people, animals, plants, and inanimate matter. I influence everyone, I’m inside everyone with no exception and my actions lead them either to unity or fragmentation. This means I’m recorded in the Book (soul).

Man must bring the whole system of nature relative himself to an absolute perfect form, so everyone in it will be mutually interconnected and through that connection will receive the good force that fills everyone. This force that connects and fills everyone is our Creator.

I constantly identify myself with the Creator, gathering these states into one picture. Time and disturbances disappear, only the Creator’s force remains.
I am grateful to Him for my world since these are all parts of my soul that I must connect to Him—one source, one cause.

I strive to understand how to become an embryo in the Creator:

1. To ascertain that all comes from Him
2. To understand that He does everything and how I should respond
3. To see the difference between what I wanted to happen and how He did it
4. To try for my thoughts/desires to be as His.

When we turn to the Creator, we speak to a system and not to an individual. I become the Creator’s partner, realizing that He did everything in order for me to understand Him and operate according to His plan. If I misunderstood anything, let Him correct me.

If I want to unite with the Creator, annulling my I and using everything to cling to the upper force, then I become a spiritual embryo, UBAR. Then time disappears, there’s no life and death, there’s only the point of my adhesion with the upper one that belongs to eternity…

The place where we make efforts in the group to overcome mutual repulsion is where the condition for Light’s revelation appears—the Creator’s manifestation
requires coupling of two opposite forces, + and -.
Their polarity and mutuality creates the condition for Creator’s revelation.

Unity of all desires is Shechina and its filling is the Creator.

Our efforts on the spiritual path are similar to writing. For the writing to be good, we must write with good deeds—intention “for the Creator,” for bestowal and love of others, helping all people—the whole soul of Adam—come closer to the Creator.

We shouldn’t worry about sins that haven’t been revealed yet (from the Creator), but about the fact that we still didn’t ask for their correction!.

The only way to correct sins is to advance and reveal them to the extent we feel evil and ask for correction—that’s how we correct the past, created by the Creator (None Else Besides Him).

I connect the cells of the soul’s body, Adam, until I discover the flow of life, the Creator, inside them.

When I move—not externally, with the body, but internally, with desire, toward connection between us, I create the condition for revealing the Creator, record myself in the Book of Life/common soul’s correction.

The conditions for unity are always changing. I must constantly adjust to them—that’s how I grow.

The point of adhesion with the Creator is eternal. I hold on to it, and through it, I—the Embryo, cling to the Creator. Through it I receive everything for my spiritual life. Without this point I don’t exist!

These conditions/desires are creatures, and the Creator is what’s in the connection between them.

The main thing is the connection between us above all rejections since all else is up to the Creator. Our only work is efforts to connect in intention to create conditions of equivalence to the quality of bestowal, the Creator’s revelation.

Unity is a spiritual vessel. No one of us can be a spiritual vessel alone since he’s just a fragment of breakage. The spiritual vessel/Kli is the connection of people above the need for this connection, the drive to feel the birth of shared desires and thoughts – the Creator.
From Twitter, 9/20/18

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The Basis Of “Love Thy Friend As Thyself”

laitman_962.2It therefore follows that the rule, “Love thy friend as thyself,” is built on 612 Mitzvot. In other words, if we keep the 612 Mitzvot, we will be able to achieve the rule, “Love thy friend as thyself.” It turns out that the particular elements allow us to achieve the collective, and when we have the collective, we will be able to achieve the love of the Creator, as it is written, “My soul yearns for the Lord.” (Rabash, The Social Writings, “What Does the Rule ‘Love Thy Friend as Thyself’ Give Us?”)

If we take the commandment “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and interpret it in relation to the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and most importantly, to a person in all life circumstances, we will reach all 612 commandments, which are summarized in the 613th. That is why there is no 613th commandment as such; it is a result of implementing the other 612 recommendations.

Remark: The world believes that one needs to fulfill all 613 commandments. Kabbalists, however, say that there is practically only one commandment: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” All the others are attached to it, they are a part of it.

My Comment: It is written in many Kabbalistic sources, including The Book of Zohar.

In fact, we need to organize ourselves into a human society that would lead us to some kind of system, regulating each other’s relations based on the same commandment: “Love your neighbor.”

To do this, we have to study Kabbalah and learn to fulfill this commandment at every moment, in all circumstances, wherever we are. So gradually we will implement the 612 recommendations.

The Book of Zohar says that all the commandments of the Torah consist of 612 councils and 612 fulfillments. If I follow the advice correctly, then I get a certain portion of the upper Light, which corrects me.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 3/15/18

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New Life 1049 – The “Day Of Judgment” Part 2

New Life 1049 – The “Day Of Judgment” Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Israel has a central place in the stories of the end of days because it is a mini-model of humanity. If we correct ourselves and love will exist between us, we will provide an example to humanity and the world will come to its final correction.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1049 – The “Day Of Judgment” Part 2,” 8/16/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 9/20/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Baal Hasulam Memorial Day”, Part 1

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Lesson on the Topic “Baal Hasulam Memorial Day”, Part 2

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