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Correction starts by organizing the Ten and realizing the laws of HaVaYaH in it. See Rabash’s articles about the group. The Creator brings every person whose soul is ripe for correction to this state.

In state 1 it’s impossible to attain revelation of each part in its individual qualities of the whole light of infinity, since there’s no integral inclusion of the desires.
Creation must reveal its opposition to the Creator, State 2, to attain equivalence to Him, State 3.

State 3: As a result, all parts reconnect into 10 circles, but in full adhesion/similarity to the Creator. All the breakings, restrictions and connections are necessary to reveal each parts’ individual qualities of the whole light of infinity, the Creator.

State 2: 10 Sefirot break and desires are corrected: from light to heavy, in similarity to the Creator
The system goes from integral to differential, where the work is consecutive. For each part of Malchut, spiritual work is connecting with other parts to reveal the Creator.

State 1: 5 phases of the direct light’s expansion are built by the world of infinity, HaVaYaH, the 10. Everything happens only in this system. The Creator is the light of infinity filling Malchut. HaVaYaH comprises 10 spheres, sefirot. The program of creation is to make HaVaYaH equal the Creator

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