Being Worthy Of Adhesion To The Creator

239Baal HaSulam, “Letter 21“: And the most important is to pray extensively and strengthen the confidence that the Creator will help you succeed in meriting complete repentance, and to know how to adhere to Him in one connection for eternity. This is the most important, and this is what distinguishes one who serves the Creator from one who does not serve Him. “Do not rest, and give Him no rest” until He forgives all your sins and crimes and brings you close to Him forever and for all eternity.

By sins and crimes we mean that we forget the Creator, we do not remember Him, and do not attribute every moment in life to Him. These are our crimes and nothing else. He manages everything else, and “There is none else besides Him.”

I exist under His complete control except for one thing. I have the ability to connect myself to Him in a reciprocal connection. This is the only thing that does not come from Him. This is the only freewill I have. We will gradually discover more and more how everything is determined only from above except for: “There is none else besides Him,” “The Good that does good.”

All our so-called sins result from the shattering of the connection between us, which we can restore. Here we need to help each other by showing each other what can be done by creating a certain brotherhood so that everyone can feel how the friend thinks and cares about the goal and never leaves it.

Our role is to return to the thought that I am connected to the Creator at any given moment and that He determines everything that I receive in my mind and feelings. Everything that happens to me and those I come in contact with is all the ways the Creator appears before me.

“There is none else besides Him.” This is not just a force, because all manifestations and appearances of the friends, the group, the world, nature, and even me regarding myself are all His manifestations and revelations. We need to know, to understand and determine this clearly, and constantly strengthen in it.

Other than that, we need to multiply the prayer and strengthen the confidence that the Creator will in return grant us complete repentance. We will return to Him again and again until we acquire total adhesion with Him, which means connection in which we will feel that everything that happens inside us stems directly from Him. Then this whole world, which in itself is a partition between us and the Creator, will disappear, and melt away. Each of us will totally feel that there is only me and the Creator. But I will no longer be alone, but will be a huge group, the whole general soul.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/13/19

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