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Along with Love

232.06Question: We’re talking about true love. There probably is such a thing as true hatred, true confrontation.

How can one work with this second part that goes along with love? Does a person need to pay attention to it?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary because all the negative qualities arise in us precisely so that with their help, as we rise above them, we can go to the realization, sensation, and development of connection and love in us.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 8/5/22

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Artificial Intelligence Will Teach Us Happiness

543.02In the News (“Harvard Developed AI Defines the Shortest Path to Human Happiness”): “Researchers have created a digital model of psychology aimed at improving mental health. The system offers great personalization and recognizes the shortest path to a cluster of mental stability for any individual. …

“Deep Longevity has published a paper on Aging-US outlining a machine learning approach to human psychology in collaboration with Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School, an authority on happiness and beauty. …

“The article describes an AI -based recommendation engine that can estimate a person’s psychological age and future well -being based on a developed psychological survey. AI uses information from a respondent to place them on a 2D map of all possible psychological profiles and take ways to improve their long -term well -being. This model of human psychology can be used in digital self -help applications and in therapist sessions.”

Question: The model gives recommendations on how to live to be happy. Do you believe that this is possible?

Answer: No. What is happiness?

Comment: Scientists assumed that a person would be healthy, for example, would feel good, and would have money

My Response: So will they be able to do that?

Question: Artificial intelligence gives a person recommendations on how to live. And he follows these recommendations. And he feels: “What state am I in? Am I happy or not? Oh, I feel good now,” I will follow the next recommendation. Thus, I live by recommendations. Is it possible to live life like this?

Answer: No, because, as it is said, human nature is egoistic from the beginning. And that’s why he only thinks about him feeling good compared to others.

Question: Does this additive ruin everything?

Answer: Sure. One cannot feel happy if others feel as good as he does. At least a little less. This is nature! There’s nothing you can do!

Comment: Then basically it’s a failure, because if everyone is happy next to me, I won’t have a feeling of happiness.

My Response: Of course. How can it be? Everything on the same level? Then I lose any feeling that I am happy.

Question: What needs to be done to make a person happy?

Answer: To make others less happy. This is what is being done now with the help of wars. If others are less happy, I already feel happier. Everything is perceived only in comparison.

Question: So this artificial intelligence, in theory, should program everything so that you will be happy when you see that others will be below you? I will do my best for you to see it?

Answer: Yes. If we had such glasses to make us feel that way, it would be great. Everyone would walk around, look down on each other and not understand: “Why are others looking down also? Why are others smiling? I’m above them in everything.”

Comment: This is a great patent for our world! How about ideally, on a high score?

My Response: Ideally, when you take care of others, this will be your destiny and a sense of happiness. And then no one will bother you. You can make everyone happy. And so each of them can also make others happy. Meaning, I feel good from doing good to another. This is the only way it can be implemented.

Question: Can artificial intelligence reach such a turn?

Answer: It will break down doing this. The machine will break down.

Question: Yes, this won’t fit in it. But is humanity advancing to this one way or another?

Answer: It is coming to the realization of evil, but not to the solution of the problem itself.

To solve this problem, they will have to come to Kabbalists. And then they will discover on a whim from above that there is such a way out, such a teaching that lifts them to another level, to another nature, to the quality of bestowal, love! And they don’t need anything else besides that. With the help of this new nature, they will build absolutely everything!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/18/22

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The Ari’s Method—Building a Screen

168Comment: A few thousand years ago, the spiritual method was such that a person could reveal the upper force through great suffering and their justification. Since the time of the Ari, another method became relevant—the need to develop the screen. There is no longer the need to suffer because that method did not affect the increased egoism.

My Response: In the method of the Ari, by reading about the lights, the screen, the ten Sefirot, and the interaction between them, even without understanding what is written about, a person draws the surrounding light upon himself, which begins to build a screen in him. And gradually, through it, a person begins to connect with the upper world.

With this method, you can achieve the opposite of egoism (qualities of bestowal and love), get out of the ego, and begin to feel the opposite quality of nature.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/2/22

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Moving Toward Altruistic Nature

216.01Question: Baal HaSulam who based his methodology on the system of the Ari, wrote that when one pronounces the names of lights and Kelim (vessels), the person evokes the surrounding light because he seems to remember what is written about his soul. What does this mean?

Answer: The fact is that a person wants to achieve such states that speak about the quality of bestowal and love, qualities that are opposite to his egoism. By striving for this, he attracts upon himself a special illumination, a special force. He arouses the forces that are very deep within himself.

Therefore, by striving for the opposite, that is, restricting himself in everything and giving out all he has to others, he brings himself to rise above the egoistic nature, which, in fact, is not so important to him, and moves toward the altruistic nature.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/2/22

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