Can Artificial Intelligence Acquire A Soul?

49.01Question: Can artificial intelligence acquire a soul?

Answer: First, this is not intelligence. Let’s agree among us what we will call intelligence and what we will not.

Is a machine that can correctly calculate different moves intelligent? We have no possibility of creating a machine that will be as intellectual as a human. I am telling you this as an expert in biocybernetics, which was the first profession I acquired. I graduated from a university in the profession of Biological, Medical Cybernetics.

Biocybernetics is about devices, cybernetic apparatuses in a living body.

We can make machines that are smarter than us, that think much faster than us, but if we are defining the concept of “intelligence,” it seems that this is impossible because intelligence is a characteristic that is given to us from above and we cannot precisely create the same characteristic in a mechanical or biological material.

Therefore machines will never be wiser than humans. Yes, they may be smarter, but they will not be wiser. They will perform calculations faster, will operate without errors and the like, but they will not be able to be more intellectually wiser than a person.

Comment: Accordingly they have no soul.

My Response: Certainly. A soul is a part of the Creator from above.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/15/19

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