What Are Problems Needed For?

200.01Question: In one of your conversations, you said that a person does not need the upper world for solving problems in this world, including problems in the family, that on the contrary, problems in the family are needed in order to ascend to the upper world.

Does this mean that all the problems of our world are not meant to be solved?

Answer: Sure. They are needed in order to feel the need for the Creator who will solve them. This is how we reveal Him.

When we attain the upper force that manages us and become its owners, then we begin to manage our world, our life, our destiny, everything by ourselves. We become equal to Him, we see the entire universe from the beginning to the end and rise above this existence, above our body. This is called the revelation of the Creator.

All the problems of our world are intended to feel the need to attain Him. This is why our life becomes more and more unbearable: in order to force us to rise to His level, not for drawing Him into our world and making material existence more comfortable.

It’s the same with the family. The rejection between us should reveal the need for the Creator to us in order to rise to Him together, not to draw Him to us.

Question: What happens when one partner already has this need and realizes that a family can only be built on the spiritual component, but the other one does not have it yet?

Answer: Then nothing will work. We must come to a state where both partners are aware of this and realize it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation” 9/16/09

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