Power Of Thought And Solving Problems

laitman_571.08Question: Is it possible to be cured of cancer or other illnesses by changing your thoughts?

Answer: I would prefer not to answer specific questions regarding illnesses and such topics. It is possible to do everything. Could we do it today? I cannot say. I think not, but soon we will.

It depends only on how our thoughts will be in the correct conjugation with each other. Then we will be able to influence the deepest negative phenomena of our nature. Everything depends only on us.

There are many interesting stories about Kabbalists and their supposed miracles. But they are not miracles. This are just small corrections, not intervention but a correction of nature’s laws on certain levels, which we can do only if we correct them properly.

I can enter any system, on any level, from myself till the world of Infinity, only on the condition that I add some positive forces of influence to this system. I think that we will reach the state when we truly will be able to heal ourselves, humanity, the Earth, the ecology, and the universe from all problems.

You cannot even imagine how negative our influence is on the universe. What is happening on Earth is a small fraction of what is happening on the scale of the universe from our evil, because on Earth we consider only the human impact. On the scale of the universe, the negative impact from our thoughts and feelings have devastating consequences. But let us hope that we can come to their correction quickly.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 2/3/19

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