The Shattering As An Opportunity For Correction

207The shattering provides an opportunity for correction. If there were no shattering, there would be nothing to correct. And without correction, we have no chance to feel creation, which is perceived only as the advantage of light over darkness.

Therefore, if there were no difference between the desire to receive and the desire to bestow, between light and darkness in our sensations, we would not understand creation and would not feel where we are.

And if there were no sensations, we would not have developed intelligence, the ability to think, to be aware. We would be left with small, primitive, limited desires. In fact, the bounty of human feelings and understanding comes precisely from the contradiction inherent in our root: two opposite foundations, the power of bestowal coming from the nature of the Creator and the power of reception as the mirror-opposite of the Creator.

When these two forces act in us one against the other, we obtain between the two of them real perception, vision, and sensation. It is impossible to perceive creation only in one quality or in another, but only on the contrast of two opposites, which is 620 times greater attainment of the power and richness of creation.

Therefore, the shattering that occurred at the beginning of creation and the sin of the tree of knowledge were bound to happen. Without them, there would be no mixing of holiness and impurity (Klipa), and there would be no contrast between them. And it is in the contrast of these two poles that we build ourselves.

A person is not a considered to be a body made of flesh and blood, that is not our initial state; a person is the wisdom accumulated in the process of clarifying between good and evil, light and darkness, between the Klipa and holiness. From the sparks extracted from there, we collect our desires and correct fillings for a vessel called “the soul.” Through those discernments this vessel grows and expands, it becomes filled with the attainment and sensation of the Creator and merges with Him.

Therefore, we need to realize that nothing bad happens in creation but only clarifications of what the Creator created. The Creator wants to teach us, but His instruction is not like what we are used to in school; it leads to the collision of opposite qualities in us so that from a state of duality, searching, and contradiction, we attain the entire creation in depth and in width, and thereby build ourselves.

All this development comes from ascents and descents, the shattering, and the collision of our egoism with the desire to bestow. As we try to combine the fragments of broken desires, we study the depth of creation and its nature, and attain the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/12/21,“The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction”

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