Mutual Exchange Of Guarantee

938.03Question: How can we strengthen the mutual guarantee in a small ten if we are hardly meeting twice a day?

Answer: We must constantly think about how we can express mutual support to each other during, say, half an hour when we get together. It is not just mutual support.

Arvut (mutual guarantee) means that we, as it were, replace the person himself and guarantee for him, as in a bank, when we sign a document of guarantee that we undertake to pay for him.

The same is true in spirituality. I pay for my friend with my efforts. I am ready to give everything to him so that from what I give him, he could receive spiritual fulfillment. So it is with each of us.

No one receives anything spiritual in his own desire! Never! Only when it is canceled before the group, and the group gives him its guarantee, that is, its signature, its Kli (vessel), then in this Kli he can receive a spiritual sensation.

Only this way! Otherwise, how can a person have the opportunity to receive something spiritual that consists of many opposite properties?

Only when he renounces himself, when he is ready to give everything to his friend, and the friend to him, then in this mutual exchange of guarantees, they create the necessary conditions for the revelation of the Creator in each other. This is the only way that it works. All of humanity, absolutely all the people, will have to come to this.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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