How To Learn Empathy

293Question: Not long ago there was an earthquake in Haiti. More than 2,000 people died, 40,000 houses were damaged and destroyed. Another 15-20,000 people were injured.

This news disappeared after a day. It was immediately replaced by news about fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Is it possible to develop empathy toward another person?

Answer: It depends on education. Education should be such that we all have to get closer if we want a better future for ourselves. Egoistically. If you want there to be no earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and deaths, then you have to get closer to others.

Because nature is one and we humans, are at the top of its chain, if we create correct relationships between us, help, care, and so on, then all nature under us will calm down.

Question: Does Kabbalah talk about this?

Answer: Yes. We can certainly influence nature in this way.

Question: And then the word “empathy” will not sound strange?

Answer: It is a normal human condition when we understand that we depend on others and others depend on us. I am talking about the egoistic attitude toward each other. When we are like one family, there is no other way. Nature forces us to understand in the end that we depend on each other. And it will lead us to it, but gradually with such blows that it will not seem enough.

That is when mutual support will become a natural concept. We have nowhere to go. We do the same in the family whether we love each other or not it does not matter. We understand that we are interdependent.

Just as we go to fight for our country because we depend on others, they depend on us, and we cannot escape anywhere. Same here. If humanity does not unite in order to act not against nature but like nature as a united front, then nature will teach us.

Question: Finally teach us?

Answer: It will teach us! That is certain. But the whole earth will be like Haiti after the earthquake.

Comment: It is better to do it ourselves.

My Response: I think so. Because nature is preparing very unpleasant surprises for us.

Question: So you still believe, as the great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam said, that the whole world, one way or another, will be one family, it will not escape from this?

Answer: We will have to come to this either as a result of a world nuclear war or by good means and understanding.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/28/21

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