The Hidden Powers Of The Soul

275Question: Kabbalah says that there is only one positive force of nature and that all negative forces are awakened by man himself. It turns out that all kinds of negative phenomena are exclusively the forces of my soul and are seemingly coming from there. What does it mean?

Answer: The soul of man has powers that are hidden from him, but he can develop them to the extent that he tries to get close to others and do good to them.

The human soul is the desire to enjoy. If he corrects this desire, i.e., instead of enjoying himself he delights others, to this extent he begins to feel the upper world, the upper state. This is what we must come to.

We do not need anything else, just to strive to acquire the upper states, good connections with others, and good influence on everyone. And then, in the unity between us, we will feel the Creator, the upper force of nature. With its help, we can do anything.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/1/22

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