Volcanic Eruptions From A Spiritual Point Of View

703.04Question: What kind of actions should a person conduct so that nature does not correct us with harsh methods?

Answer: Let a person correct himself. Correction is the movement toward mutual assistance, mutual understanding.

A man to a man is a friend, a helper, an empathizer. The most important thing is a good connection between people! With our negative attitudes, we cause constant explosions in nature.

Question: All primary sources write only about the spiritual states of a person. What is a volcanic eruption from a spiritual point of view?

Answer: It is an explosive movement toward balance when there is tremendous pressure. This is how it manifests itself externally.

But we can make all of nature beautiful without any problems that are observed today with the environment and everything else.

It depends only on our good relationships with each other. Therefore, I hope that humanity will still suffer a little, but then it will begin to listen to what Kabbalah says.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/24/21

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