Eternal Harmony—Dream Or Reality?

448.12Question: Kabbalists say that all of humanity is in a state of sleep today. Isn’t the state of eternal harmony illusory, isn’t it a dream?

Answer: By exploring our current state and developing with the help of Kabbalah, we come closer to the spiritual state and begin to see two worlds—our world from the side and the spiritual world in which we become clothed.

When we see how they match each other, merge, and form one common space, that is, we see the cause and the consequence of everything we go through, we have no illusions about the spiritual world. We have a question: What is next? This is because the spiritual world is a world of development.

We should develop to a state where we fully attain it, connect with it, fill ourselves with it, and fill it with us. This is called adhesion with the Creator. Moreover, the spiritual world, including this world, is within me and I am completely within both of them. Achieving such a state is called final correction, it is the complete awakening from this illusion, from this dream.

That is, we see the objective of what we have to achieve—final correction (Gmar Tikkun), complete equivalence, complete adhesion with the Creator (or nature). I reveal that it is reasonable, eternal, and perfect because according to this I myself become eternal, sensible, and perfect.

Then I get an absolutely clear question to the Creator, to this common nature that created me: “What is next?” But there is no answer to it. This question does not have an answer. Because all of us, absolutely all people on Earth, must reach final correction. Only after that, when we all correct ourselves, the next perspective in this development will be revealed to us.

That is, Kabbalah does not evade the answer, it reveals to a person what may happen, and what is next we do not know.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Individualist” 1/15/10

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