Beyond Limited Knowledge

537Our knowledge is very limited. In fact, its boundaries should be much greater than we can imagine.

But we are in an egoistic state and try to receive everything in ourselves, and therefore we are very limited and feel only our small world. The universe seems to us as infinite and in its inanimate matter.

The still, vegetative, animate, and human parts of the universe exist only on our small planet. All levels are arranged as a pyramid: a huge inanimate universe, then the vegetative nature on earth, a smaller part is the animate, and even smaller one is man.

Imagine how limited all this is and that it is only a meager perception of the general universe. Moreover, we perceive this small part in our egoistic properties, i.e., opposite to the huge law of love and bestowal that exists in the world.

It turns out that the perceived world feels negative, flawed, temporary, that it always leads to death and requires huge efforts on our part to at least get something, to be fulfilled by something, to exist somehow.

But in fact, this world, the whole of nature, the whole universe exists according to another law—the law of love and bestowal. There, on the contrary, there is absolute energy, information, and the exchange of forces and properties where you act and at the same time no energy is required from you, no effort.

You do not act against this force, against internal friction, against your properties, you do not have to overcome anything. On the contrary, you enter a state of bestowal and love when everything flows in you by itself.

We cannot even imagine such a property, such a state. This is the single common law that exists in the universe.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Universal Law” 9/30/09

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