Linked By A Single Goal

933The Book of Zohar, Ki Tisa, Item 54: All those friends who do not love each other depart the world before their time.

Friends are people who want to unite with each other, but in their joint impulse they discover that instead of connection, they have an inexplicable, unfounded hatred for each other.

And this hatred throws them down from the world where they were united. As a result, they die; they pass from that world to a lower level of existence. They lose their spiritual degree.

The loss of a spiritual degree is called “death” at the degree they were on.

Question: Who are those friends?

Answer: We are talking about people who are beginning to wonder about the meaning of life. This question comes from their serious inner need to feel the real source of life, not because they are bitter in this world or want something, but because they are obliged to understand the meaning of life, its highest goal.

The desire to attain the meaning of existence that appears in a person develops the need to find the root of life, its source. When this desire starts to work, one strives somewhere without knowing why and how. The person is drawn somewhere, and thus, one is brought to a Kabbalistic group.

A person begins to learn and adapt to the group. Here he is  told that there is a goal in life: to reach a spiritual degree above our world, above time, movement, place, space, in general, above everything that exists in the material world. The goal is to enter another dimension.

It is possible. But only when a person has, not the quality of reception like in this world, but the quality of bestowal, the opposite of the one we are in now.

We are all egoists, we want to receive for ourselves, absorb all and everything in ourselves.

The next level of the universe, the opposite of us, operates on the system of bestowal, not reception. Therefore, we do not relate to it in any way. It is beyond our senses because they are all based on reception, and the next world is based on the quality of bestowal.

People who are already in the spiritual world with their feelings describe it as a higher, boundless, infinite, perfect world. How do we get into this world hidden from us? To do this, we must unite in a group and, according to a certain method, start to develop the quality of bestowal and love in ourselves, to “Love Thy Friend as Thyself.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #21

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