Ascents And Descents—Life And Death

528.01“Love your neighbor as yourself” is an ancient biblical slogan, a call with which in principle everyone agrees, but no one knows how to implement it.

Although we love to say it sometimes, we understand that in our world these are just beautiful words. But in the spiritual world, this is an indispensable rule under which you either exist or you do not.

Those friends who have united into one whole have found the right contact for bestowal and love among themselves. They have reached the highest spiritual level and feel the source of all forces, the source of creation. They have reached a supernatural level of existence and they remain in an eternal flow of information and energy, beyond time and space, and suddenly reveal the next layer of egoism that was previously hidden from them.

Instead of love and bestowal, they again begin to feed each other with egoistic attitudes, criticism, and rejection. At that time, they fall from the level that they had reached to the earthly level as if they dropped from the sky, and they again look at everyone in an absolutely egoistic way.

As it often happens during the lesson: you gleam with your friends as if you are already in bestowal and love with them, everything is so good, and then this state disappears and ordinary life begins. But with Kabbalists, of course, this is more sudden because the difference is between spiritual reality and earthly reality. And for ordinary people, it is still a little far-fetched.

Question: So what can be done?

Answer: Rise again, work on that egoism with which you found yourself under, and then work on it again and rise up. After you rise, you find even greater love, even greater bestowal, even greater connection, an even higher supernatural level, and then fall again. And it will happen 125 times.

Question: Are you talking about the reincarnation of souls?

Answer: You may call it the reincarnation of souls. Every time you fall there and rise back, it is called “life and death,” “life and death.”

Question: And inside this corporeal life we now exist in now, we study and want to unite and rise, is it the same story taking place?

Answer: If in this life a person has not reached a single spiritual level and has not even aspired to it, then how can it be considered at all? After all, he did not rise above it and did not fall. That is, he did not move.

In spirituality, movement is taken into account only upward and downward, at least on a minimal scale. If this were not the case, how long you lived in your body, that is your life: you drank so much, ate so much, excreted so much, and died. And then, another cycle.

Question: Suppose we want to make a breakthrough in this life, connect, and reveal the lowest spiritual level. Then will egoism unfold again?

Answer: You will either go through several such cycles in this life or there will be another physical birth between them, another body awaiting you. It does not matter, but this will already be a process.

Question: Have we already been through this?

Answer: Yes, we have. Only in such a process in which we practically managed to do nothing, we only carried out a certain preparation. Therefore, today we are already in motion.

Question: Were we friends?

Answer: We were somehow connected with each other and some of us were even friends.

Question: When was it?

Answer: Several hundred years ago.

Question: Where was it?

Answer: It could have taken place in different places on earth. It does not matter. Only spiritual ascents and descents are important, and all earthly conventions are just a theater.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #21

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