Descents And Ascents On The Spiritual Path

294.2Question: How is striving to feel the Creator connected to descents and ascents?

Answer: In our world, the desire to receive is constantly working in us automatically, and I feel our world more or less in relation to it. In the spiritual world, my natural desire is the desire to bestow, and I feel my states in relation to how it fluctuates in me.

That is, a bigger sensation of the Creator (the quality of bestowal) is an ascent, and a smaller one is a descent.

Naturally, descents and ascents in the spiritual world are completely different from descents and ascents in our world, because in spirituality they all come from our efforts. In the corporeal world, we do not need special efforts because we automatically exist in egoism, the property of reception. And in the spiritual world, in order to exist in it even to a minimal extent, we must make constant efforts to rise above egoism into the next property, the property of bestowal.

These are special, internal efforts when I consciously attract the upper light and it organizes a new property in me. I cannot just automatically exist in bestowal because then I again fall into egoism, which is our main natural property.

Just as if you would want, suppose, to be above the ground, you have to make some efforts to do it. And as soon as the effort disappears, you fall to the ground again.

Comment: But Kabbalists write that if a person has crossed the potential barrier between the two worlds called Machsom, then he will never fall into corporeality.

My Response: He still has to make constant anti-egoistic efforts.

Question: Is  it hard to exist in the spiritual world?

Answer: No, not hard. It all depends on how much we care about the greatness of the Creator, about the greatness of the property of bestowal. If we devote ourselves to this force, to its importance, its greatness, then it is not difficult and can be permanent.

However, it will be permanent when we begin to make the effort. That is, the application of this effort can turn to our permanent state. And it is a pleasant effort. To the extent one feels the greatness of the Creator, it becomes pleasant.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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