The Radiance Of The Book Of Zohar

526The Book of Zohar is an internal commentary on the Torah. When you study it, its most important effect is the shining of the upper light on you. Therefore, it is called “Zohar”—”radiance.”

This light enlightens you and brings you to a state where you begin to float along with the flow of words, letters, and sentences. According to what you read, you change internally. You do not get impressions as if you were reading a novel, but you undergo changes that happen inside you.

Thus, you adopt the phases of all the metamorphoses described in The Book of Zohar and eventually you reach the very end of creation, its goal, the complete merging with the Creator.

Question: In the initial period of studying when a person does not feel the influence of The Zohar, does it nevertheless take place?

Answer: Yes. The impact is happening, but we do not feel it yet. Therefore, the initial period is called the preparation period. You practice, you read, you hear, you try to understand.

Question: Is preparation not yet an action?

Answer: No, this is not an action. This is only the inner development of forces, qualities, and thoughts in you, which you will afterward begin to feel. In the meantime, they develop latently in you.

This is a rather long and not simple period because a person does not even understand how radically everything should change in him.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #8

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