The Magical Mechanism Of The Book Of Zohar

526Question: What happens with us when we read texts from The Book of Zohar?

Answer: By reading The Book of Zohar we directly or indirectly attract the upper light upon ourselves if that is what we desire. The Book of Zohar is a mechanism that is triggered by our desire while reading the book.

There are mechanisms that we start mechanically by pressing a button. There are mechanisms that are started by a voice, a glance, or a thought. And there are those that can be ignited by desire.

We evoke spiritual forces precisely by our desires if our desires are aimed at them. But at the same time, I must be in front of the corresponding mechanism.

The Book of Zohar is the system, the mechanism that is in front of me. But I activate it not with a glance, not with my finger moving along the lines, and not by reading aloud in any language, but by my desire that does not have a language, the desire to receive the light from this Book, the force that changes me, improves, and brings me to the state of connection, unity with the entire universe, with all nature.

If I have it, then to the extent of this desire, I evoke upon myself the influence of the upper force. This is how it happens.

Question: And if I do not have this desire, and I open this ancient Book thinking that some secrets will be revealed to me that I will be able to use, say, as an actor?

Answer: It does not matter, very good. In any case, you already have some connection with this Book. You understand that it has something. You don’t know what, but everyone says that there is something so interesting, mysterious, some secrets, tricks, sorcery, magic. It is enough, have a desire to get something from it.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #4

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