See The World From End To End

923The Book of Zohar was written by people who had an inner attainment of the universe at the level of the highest world, the world of Infinity. These were ten great Kabbalists who managed to connect with each other. Each of them, in essence, represented a certain spiritual category, called Sefira.

Together, they formed the ten Sefirot, meaning a single whole at the highest level, and therefore, were able to create through themselves a connection between the highest level of nature and its lowest level, our world. By creating a system of mutual connection, they gave us the opportunity to climb it from our low, primitive, vicious level to the highest.

Along the way, we change ourselves so much that we become an integral part of the upper nature, eternal and perfect. Our body is no longer identified with us. We feel a completely different state in the soul, we begin to feel the forces that control us, we pass from matter to forces, and matter gradually disappears from our sensations. We do not attach any importance to it, it seems to move away from our perception.

Comment: It’s still scary to lose our material.

My Response: No. Conversely. Our impressions become much clearer, brighter, more effective, and more powerful.

In this, man becomes like the Creator. He begins to see from the end of the world to the end. His horizons are expanding. He sees the causes and consequences of everything that happens, understands the ultimate goal and can choose the right decision from any circumstances.

This gives him the opportunity to act intelligently, rationally, which in our world absolutely doesn’t exist. Here we stumble on mistakes every time, go and make the next mistakes, and the next ones, never correcting them. We don’t even have the ability to correct ourselves.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #2

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