The Most Important Game

259.02A game seems like a frivolous topic. But if a game is the means to rise from the animate to the human level, then it turns out that it is the most important thing in our development, in human society.

After all, we teach children through games, raise people from animals to be fit for society and the time in which they live; we teach them to have the right attitude to the world around them and to the people next to them. All this determines the degree of human.

Therefore, the most important thing is to play, study, and adapt a person to the world. And all the more important is educating a person and bringing him in line with the upper world, which is also called a game. And we must treat it as the most serious occupation.

If we correctly build our relation to the upper world, or rather, to the Creator, then we come close to Him. And along the way, we study Him, understand Him, enter into connection with Him, into mutual communication, until we merge with Him and reach full equivalence of form.

Therefore, the word game seems frivolous, but in fact, it is the most serious occupation. All the changes we want to make in the world depend only on changing ourselves through the game. Nothing changes outside of us, but only in our perception.

The world is my sensation. And the game is the means by which we can easily make internal changes so as not to lose our way and each time shift to a new, more and more advanced level of perception.

It is possible that future states do not attract me very much because I must love those whom I now hate or am at least indifferent to. And I must treat myself differently than before, gain new qualities and thoughts, prefer some and reject others. To do this, I need exercises that I myself must assign and go through, that is, to play them.

I must constantly establish what states I want to go through; that is, I must pull out my desires and thoughts, my egoism, into new states. In the wisdom of Kabbalah, we study how to build games through which we will grow. And the most important game is in the group.

With the help of the game, we can shift from a comfortable state to such states that do not seem very pleasant to us: to bestow, love, connection. These states will turn from unwanted to desirable, from repulsive to attractive, from hateful to beloved. All changes occur due to the fact that we imagine ourselves in new states, build systems, and gradually change, and turn into new people.

What used to seem disgusting: bestowal, love, involvement, now seems the most attractive and good. What was hated and rejected becomes desirable, and we are ready to do anything to achieve a new state.

The game is a transition from the current state to the desired or even not desired yet. The means to shift from state to state is called a game in which I must be an expert and improve my skills every time.

And if I change myself with this game, then the whole world changes as a result of it. I start to change my priorities and evaluate everything differently according to my changes. Therefore, through such a game, I do not adjust myself to the world, but I change, correct, and improve the world.

If we can play to change our states, then this is the most effective means to achieve the goal, and it is at the center of all our work.

We grow up like children—as they grow up, their world changes. You can not consider yourself an adult and not subject to change. On the contrary, if we are constantly changing, we will see how the world constantly changes. Therefore, we will always remain children, young and full of life, constantly changing and moving forward.

Therefore, playing is the most important means to achieve the goal of creation, to bring oneself to the equivalence of form with the Creator, that is, to merge with Him. The game includes education, study, theoretical and practical exercises, and all kinds of connections.

The main thing is to look for means to help us change, to constantly check whether my view of the environment, myself, and the purpose of creation has changed since yesterday. What exactly has changed in me in relation to my friends, the ten? So the game becomes very important for a person.

Children play all the time. And then we grow up and stop playing. We dream of being adults, but this just means ceasing to develop. From a developmental point of view, we become dead. Therefore, we need to remain young in spirit, that is, to change all the time, play on a higher level relative to the present, and so to advance more and more.

In everyday life, we try to buy children educational games that expand their horizons and stimulate growth. In the same way, in the spiritual work, we must always look for what we can grow by. And the main tool is the articles of the Kabbalists and their implementation in the ten where we evaluate our progress: the closer we get to each other, the closer we are to the Creator.

We must set an example to each other in this game and awaken in order to ultimately unite so that all hearts merge in the center of the ten, and we will reach our first spiritual degree.

In the material world, playing is considered frivolous, but in the spiritual world, on the contrary, it is the most serious activity. It is by playing out the next state and striving to achieve it that we advance and grow.

Our whole life is a game. After all, the Creator initially threw us out of His system, and we need to play to get back there and become Adam, that is, one man with one heart.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/3/21, “Play”

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