The Book Of Zohar – A System Of Communication With The Upper World

963.1The Book of Zohar is a system. The ten Kabbalists who wrote it, through their merging with each other, closed the world of infinity with our world in such a way that when we start reading The Book of Zohar, we kind of push the buttons and actually start this system.

That is, we do not just read what is printed. The Book is arranged in such a way that what is printed on paper directly affects our souls, our inner part that is hidden from us.

When a person starts to read, one does not feel anything, but launches this system on oneself, integrates with it, and causes the influence of a higher force, which manifests in the person in their inner part, the soul, which begins to come out.

And then there is contact between the human soul and the upper light and a person begins to feel in this the upper world, the highest state. This is one’s exit into the eternal, perfect dimension. This is what we must achieve while being in this world, in this life, to rise to the next level of existence.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #2

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