There Is No Room For Downtime Between Ascents And Descents

41.01The ascents and descents give us a sense of life. If there were no change in life, then it would not be life but death. The pandemic has driven us into paralysis and we are forced to lead a sleepy life, locked inside our homes.

Apparently, this will help us find out new forms of life, these ups and downs, not on the stock exchange and in the everyday squabbles that fill our lives, but ups and downs of a different type.

And so we find ourselves in quarantine so that we feel that changes in life can be of a different degree, and they are called life. We will begin to appreciate the descents without which ascents are impossible.

From the very beginning of creation the Creator arranged one big fall for us through the shattering of the common soul. And we must raise this vessel by our own efforts and restore it to its former state. But by adding our participation, our search, our emptiness, our prayer, our request, our difficulty to unite, we increase the initial ascent by 620 times.

Before the shattering of the soul of Adam HaRishon, our existence was unconscious. Only now, due to all the preparation, we begin to feel the ascents and descents, and we ourselves try to rise after each fall: from the inanimate level to the vegetative, animate, and human. Finally, we began to feel what it means to be human, what I live for, how far or close my state is to human life.

So, in the descents and ascents we gradually discover the essence of life, its purpose, the meaning of our existence, we develop sensory organs, find out what it means to be dead and alive, in a descent or an ascent.

One cannot be without the other. Everything begins with the fall. The Creator shatters the vessel to make preparations for all our future states. He established that everything begins with night, with separation, with a sense of detachment from the Creator, the goal, the friends. Only from this state can we begin to pick up our pieces to come to a big, final ascent.

The ascent is not possible if there has not been a descent before it. The ascent is about figuring out the descent and wanting to rise above it. That is why the Creator arranges for us to fall, so that we have something to rise above, to turn separation into unity, hatred into love.

From this, we can understand what the rise and fall really are, not according to our egoism, but in relation to conditions of complete connection that we need to achieve.

The number of descents and ascents, their frequency, depth, maximum speed, and amplitude determine our progress toward the end of correction. Everyone is assigned a finite number of ascents and descents in his particular Kli for him to join the common soul, as well as for each ten and for all of us together.

The power of the ascents and descents and the speed at which they change is taken into account. Don’t stretch the ascents and descents out for a long time. There is no time in spirituality; one moment is enough for each state. As soon as it is revealed, it should immediately be replaced by the next state.

Let us increase the intensity of the work on our connection so that there is no room for downtime between descents and ascents and even between ascents and descents. The main thing is to quickly clarify the state and its benefits for the next step.

We must try to treat both the ups and downs constructively, as data from above. They are already prepared by the upper force, and we are obliged to go through them all. Only their frequency depends on us.

It all depends on our preparation. If we associate the ups and downs, not with our own feelings, but with the general process of correcting humanity and the Creator as our goal, then every moment becomes a good and correct step on this path. And all I have to do is push forward even more to get closer to the final goal. Then all ascents and descents will come together, and I will feel these two states as one whole: “The darkness will shine as light.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/9/21, “Ascents and Descents” (Preparation for the Convention 2021)

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