Love Yourself

235Question: You keep repeating the same phrase: “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and you say that this is the way to live. But if I hate myself, what should I do about it? Don’t you need to first love yourself and then your neighbor? Or is there something I do not understand?”

Answer: You are right. This is exactly what this phrase really says. You are actually on the right path to understanding the meaning of this great phrase. “Love your neighbor as yourself,” that is, you must love yourself and your neighbor as yourself.

You exist in this world. What does it mean to love yourself? Make it so that you feel good in this world, warm, safe, and calm. How to do it?

How would you do it for a loved one, as a loving person? Imagine yourself in place of everyone else around you Then you will see that the entire world is really just you.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/7/21

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