Prophets Are Among Us

226It is believed that prophecy has disappeared in our world. But why? Maybe there are such people among us, but we do not know them. They quietly live next to us, but we do not even suspect that they are prophets.

A prophet is a person who has a connection with the Creator. He either hears the Creator or sees Him. These are two types of spiritual connection because there are no tactile sensations in spirituality. Hearing is the level of the light of Hasadim, vision is the level of the light of Hochma.

In our world there may be such people; they just do not open up to others. But, as they say, one cannot be a prophet in his own homeland. This time has passed. Today we must all rise to this level and become prophets.

The great Kabbalist Ramchal in his book The Creator’s Way writes that everyone must rise to the prophetic level. We live in this generation. This time is not so far away and obscure.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar,” Part 5

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