Fix Yourself And Fix The World

961.1Question: What is the correction of the egoistic nature of man?

Answer: To the extent that I correct myself, I see only goodness in the world.

Question: Suppose a couple of million people died of hunger now. Does a Kabbalist not see all this or does he see it differently?

Answer: He feels all this and feels that he is to blame for it because he has not yet corrected all these properties in himself.

Question: And if he has corrected them, does he see this phenomenon as positive?

Answer: No. He realizes that all this is still not corrected because he cannot completely correct the entire universe. However, he corrects a part of it.

Question: But he has no complaints against anyone? He takes all claims upon himself because he understands that something hasn’t been completed yet?

Answer: Only to yourself. Fix yourself, and you will fix the world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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