What Is Death From The Point Of View Of Kabbalah?

712.03Question: What is death from the point of view Kabbalah? Is it the end of life or the beginning of something new?

Answer: The death of the beastly body has no relevance to your true life, which, of course, does not begin or end with this. You simply begin to feel yourself in another state. So, you should not think about death and worry. It is better if we think about how we will continue our existence.

Question: But is desire itself somehow connected to the fear of death?

Answer: No. In fact, the desire to live is an eternal and absolute desire. It is the desire to connect with the source of life, with the Creator, and to exist in connection with Him.

And our beastly state, which we call “life,” is all in all a small condition for our existence in order to begin to feel something higher, the next level.

Question: Is there a record of eternity in man?

Answer: Certainly, there is a record of the eternal state. Without it we would not yearn for it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/15/19

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