Desires Called Erev Rav (Mixed Multitude)

622.01Question: How can I fight the desires called Erev Rav (the mixed multitude)?

Answer: Each time a person begins to analyze his actions, he sees what he needs to fight with and where the condition called Erev Rav is located in him.

This is most visible in the group, in the ten, when we try to connect with each other. Connecting and striving to love your neighbor as yourself is the most important thing.

Here for sure you are literally faced head-on with the condition that the main thing is to connect in intention. If you pursue it all the time, you definitely move from the simple degree of Israel, or even before that, to the degree of Erev Rav, and from the degree of Erev Rav to the degree of a Kabbalist.

Question: Does it mean that the desires called Erev Rav are saying: “Perform actions, this is the main thing. And your intentions are for your own sake”?

Answer: No. They do not think that they are doing it for themselves. They think that the intention automatically follows the action. In other words, if a person does some bestowing actions, then it follows that his intentions are the same. He no longer has to control and check whether they are altruistic. He gave to another, it means he is an altruist.

Therefore, if he cannot scrutinize that he did it for himself, and in the end our egoism does everything only for itself; otherwise, it does not have the energy to do anything, then this is not determined by him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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