Megillat Esther—Revelation Of Concealment

534Question: The story of Purim is told in the Megillat Esther (The Scroll of Esther). What does this name mean?

Answer: “Scroll,” “Megillah” from the word “Gilui” means revelation. Esther means concealment. That is, Megillat Esther is the revelation of concealment.

The fact is that the entire creation is concealed from us: why, for what, and how, what forces act in it. Why do we have to go through the states from one absolutely shattered end to the other end, which is assembled and perfect? What is it for? What forces can we use?

We do not know anything! We do not understand anything! All this is “Hastara,” meaning concealment.

However, gradually we will be able to reveal this. After all, from a certain stage of human development we are given the wisdom of Kabbalah. “Kabbalah” is from the word “receive,” meaning to receive the upper knowledge, the forces of our development, where we can already begin to advance consciously.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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