Why Do We Use Only 2% Of The Brain?

250Question: Why, despite the desire to realize ourselves, do we use only 2% of our brain and 98% remain, so to say, free?

Answer: The point is that we do not know ourselves. We use 2% of the brain because it only serves our animate part. And as soon as we begin to reveal the spiritual part—our soul—and develop it, we will need all the remaining 98%.

In principle, we have enormous reserves of memory and internal properties. We simply cannot imagine how each of us is infinite in possibilities. But we do not use it in our world.

Imagine a simple peasant who lived in a village a hundred years ago who herded cows and existed at that level. He had no television, no radio, nothing.

And now this peasant has developed, lives in Manhattan, works in a large company, travels around the world, sees, hears, understands, and uses everything. His brain works a little differently than that of the shepherd whose brain was at the level of the cows he grazed.

That is, the brain always serves the desire. Therefore, if our desires are constantly raised to the level of the Creator, then naturally, the brain will open its reserves in accordance with them. So, instead of two percent, we will use a lot more.

In humanity, there is even a desire to explore the brains of great people to find what was so interesting about them. We cannot understand this because we do not know that the brain is triggered by desires. And when a person dies, desires disappear.

Therefore, we do not understand why their brains worked in a special way. After all, their desires launched huge layers of consciousness, analysis, and memory.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Individualist” 1/15/10”

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