Who Controls The Brain?

Laitman_733In the News (Veche.Razved): Academician, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery Centre of Neurology and Neurosurgery, neurosurgeon Arnold F. Smeyanovich has over 47 years of practice and has performed brain surgery on nearly 9,000 patients. …

“Yes, I can see before me a substance, the cells of which are filled with so much knowledge that I want, like Newton, to take my hat off to every researcher it. It is not clear how it ‘works’. On any signal from the nerve, ears or eyes it creates a ‘picture’. But in the end, one realizes that it is – a monkey, that is – a lamp, and this is – himself? It is clear that the brain is more powerful than any supercomputer. …

“The most amazing thing is that consciousness has no place in the body, and the relationship of the brain and the mind – is all a complex mystery. Probably, the Creator controls it.”

Answer: Today scientists are no longer afraid of talking about the concept of the Creator, and with this they confirm that this is beyond understanding, the mind, and modeling.

That is, they understand that, in accordance with some definite action of exciting an area of the brain, there is a special type of configuration of a complex relationship between them. Beyond that? They do not know.

There is a box here, there is a box there, and some kind of connection is made between them and a further connection somewhere else. But the essence of this is not understood. It is not understood what is truly happening inside, what is the thought that is imprinted in a person and gives one a sensation of the existence of a particular volume.

The thought draws a picture for a person that influences him; it becomes something, it influences him and there is the processing of information. Where is all of this? It is not in the brain.

There is, in fact, only one gigantic “brain” that I would call a force field, in which absolutely everything exists. We call this field the Creator. We are constantly connected to this field and are more or less found within it.

We must try not to limit ourselves to the gray matter or tiny particles, but understand that there is nothing besides this force field. Unfortunately, we don’t perceive it in its full capacity; we don’t see how everything is mutually connected into one unique and complete whole. The true picture of creation evades us and so it seems to us that how and where are not understood.

But it is specifically the discovery that the characteristics of the brain are infinite and that it is only that part which comes into biological contact with the spiritual supercomputer that will bring us to accept the fact that we are in fact found within the Creator and that the mission of humanity is to discover our communication with Him.

From the News Item: “Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine John Eccles…believed that the brain does not ‘produce’ thought, but only takes them from outside. … Where do theories, hypotheses, and discoveries come from? – It is not known to physiologists. I also think that the brain – being in the being, is a mystery.”

Answer: That’s right. So therefore it is necessary to study the wisdom of Kabbalah.

From the News Item: “- When I see how beautifully arranged the heart and brain are, which has no analogues in nature, I have no doubt that here was not without God’s hands. The great Russian surgeon Nikolai Pirogov wrote that ‘the brain of the individual is a body of thought of the world of thought. It is necessary to recognize the existence, in addition to the thoughts of the brain, another, higher, world. ‘”

Answer: Yes, certainly. All of us are connected through the so-called brain. But this is not a brain but the soul.

Comment: When Smeyanovich was asked, “What do you think, where is the place of the soul – in the brain, spinal cord, heart?” He responded, “I think that this substance does not need a place. If it is, then the whole body – is the hostess.”

Answer: No. The soul is an immense force field; it is the power of the higher intelligence in which we exist.

Question: Is it possible to say where it is located?

Answer: First of all, in the upper world there is no location, space, or movement. Secondly, our bodies do not exist. This is an illusion that is portrayed in us. The Book of Zohar and the wisdom of Kabbalah openly say, that we imagine ourselves and our world in volumes and very limited forms, that in fact, don’t exist. Rather, this is an illusion.

Question: Are academics capable of reaching this understanding?

Answer: Theoretically or in some other way they will guess, but they will not be able to reach this scientifically. This requires the possession of another vision.

They will gradually reach the wisdom of Kabbalah, become removed from their “gray matter,” and begin to perceive the world through the desire to bestow.

In the meantime, the principle for perceiving the world takes place in the investigators through the intellect, but it must happen through one single desire. To the degree that a person is integrated within it, he begins to perceive the true world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/4/16

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