In Search Of Free Will, Part 3

Laitman_709Above The Universe

If we rise and look at the whole picture, besides humanity, at inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, then we will see a special, uniform law that treats all of us as a general system. Moreover, this system is closed, integral, and perfectly interconnected in all its parts.

This is the way that nature treats everyone, and only we, people, are opposite to it in our essence.

This implies the following: If we are opposite to nature, then we can study, understand, and perceive it from the side and become like it. However not naturally, like the inanimate world, flora and fauna do, but by solely and independently rising to the common, upper degree of nature that lies even above our Universe, and above the Big Bang that started it.

This is the real human degree, the level of man, from the word “Adam,” which means similar (Domeh) to the general system. In this way we will take control over it, we will understand and perceive all of nature, penetrate its depths, and be included in it. This is where the essence lays, the purpose of our lives, and our freedom of will. Only this is worth living. Otherwise we remain miserable ants that execute the commands of our body.

And this means that we need to find a method that will allow us to stand in front of nature, to study, reveal and research it, and at the same time, through this, to form ourselves in equivalence to this universal and global nature that includes in itself the entire Universe, humanity, and who knows what else.

This is what we must reach. Only if I attain this universal system, if I open it, if I find out what I exist for, how I was created, how I live and develop, and what form of comprehensive nature I must reach, only then will I realize myself.

This is my free choice: to achieve this or not, to enter into interaction, into connection, with nature, or at least into familiarity and understanding of it, or not. A person can freely build himself by absorbing the entire system, up to the smallest details into his mind and feelings. And then he will be called a man (Adam).

In this state he combines two opposite forces within himself. On one hand, according to nature of this world, he is an egoist, but on the other hand, according to nature of the global world, he is an altruist. He has a chance to acquire the second force. And this chance is waiting for its implementation. A person is led to this opportunity and then everything depends on him—does he want it or not? He discovers the method, meaning books, mentors, and a group for its implementation, in other words, the place where he implements his connection with nature. In this way a person can move forward and develop toward the stage when nature will reveal itself to him.

And he is free on this path. After all, he can, on his own accord, freely be included in the group that teaches him how to connect, to join to the comprehensive system of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/28/16

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