Preventing Volcanic Eruptions

765.1Question: Vesuvius is one of the most active volcanoes in Europe. Tens of thousands of people died there 200 years ago. Can those engaged in spiritual development now prevent future volcanic eruption with their thoughts and behavior?

Answer: No, not in any way. We can say in advance that the direction in which humanity is developing is moving us toward fierce natural disasters, shocks, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, everything that exists in nature. And we are already beginning to feel it.

This correction takes place in order to force humanity to think about how it affects nature and that it is the basis of such responses from nature.

Comment: It seems that natural disasters come directly from the Creator. After all, wars are also terrible torments, but they are started by man.

My Response: All this is caused by man himself. There are no specific negative signals coming from the Creator, that is, from the general force of nature. All negative forces manifest themselves only because man does not bring the forces of nature to correction at all its levels.

Question: It is written in Kabbalah that the whole world is inside man. How do I understand that the volcano is inside me? What does it mean?

Answer: It really does exist only in our senses, like the rest of nature.

Question: Can I somehow extinguish this volcano inside myself so that it no longer erupts and kills people?

Answer: If you bring nature into balance at your level, it will come into balance at all the lower levels too.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/24/21

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