The Beginning Of The “Human” Level

571.04Question: It would be wrong to treat a person only as a protein body. Why are we originally created so that there are two levels in us: “animal in man” and “man in man”?

Answer: The fact is that we have been developing for many thousands of years. But this development in us is, in general, primitive. See what the media is filled with today.

We do not know how to raise children. I do not see that a good world has been prepared for them. Why can’t we do this? We are, after all, human!

But we are worse than animals. Animals try to equip themselves and their offspring as much as possible. We deliberately create an uncomfortable, inconvenient, unsafe world for our offspring, and we generally don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We, parents, are preparing bad conditions for the next generation. Is this rational?

Question: But you say that in man everything is inherent in nature, he is completely controlled by it. So does nature push us to take such unreasonable actions?

Answer: Quite right. Nature pushes a person to unreasonable actions in order to bring him to the understanding that he needs to do something with himself, with the environment, and with the nature that dominates him and leads him to self-destruction.

This is where the “human” level begins in a person. When he realizes that his nature is evil, that he is ruled by evil forces, he will begin to ask the questions: “Why? What for? Why is everything arranged this way? What is the meaning of my existence? After all, it is useless, imperfect. I personally would not design it that way for my son or grandson.”

This suffering and awareness accumulates in us from generation to generation and leads us to the understanding that we need to understand this life, we need to do something with it. People start to engage in terrorism, using drugs, getting divorced, and breaking up families, they are unable to create anything. But all this is accumulating suffering that will ultimately lead to the need to find a true solution.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Centaurs” 1/15/10

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