Toward The Human Level

709Question: A person must have some goal in life, otherwise it is not life. Is there a spiritual root to such a phenomenon as the search for the meaning of life?

Answer: Throughout our life, desires of the inanimate level gradually arise in us, then of the vegetative, animate, and finally, the human level. This is how we develop until we reach our personal highest level, and then we tend to old age and death. In the life of each person, this is purely individual.

The same thing happens in parallel with the life of society. Throughout all the stages of human development, we see that it has also passed the stages of inanimate, vegetative, animate levels, and is now at the level of human awareness of the meaning of life.

As a rule, we exist as animals, want to have our own burrow or den, to reproduce, to be healthy and happy until the last days of life, and to die peacefully. Such an existence, when the organism takes care only of itself, is called the animate level because a person thinks only about his belly, about himself materially.

But recently, humanity has begun to rise to another level. From the animate level, the next level begins to arise, the human level. This level has no earthly expression.

If the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels exist in nature in their external, material expression, a person differs from an animal only in that he has his own higher, deeper meaning of life, and he develops towards understanding it. In other words, what is outside our animate level is called the human level.

Question: How many people are engaged in searching for the meaning of life today?

Answer: I think that these are very few individuals relative to all mankind, i.e., hundreds of thousands, nothing more.
From the KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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