Where Should One Seek The Meaning Of Life?

Laitman_109We are living in a period when the question about the meaning of life has broken out among humanity as a universal call. A person wants to know why he exists and why it is worth living.

In the past, his desires were in the framework of material existence. The main thing was to have food, sex, family, wealth, honor, control, and knowledge.

These desires developed in us during the entire course of human history, and thanks to them we developed our lives, communications, and the system of connections between us.

Until the middle of the 20th century, all of this was normal. Then the ego changed. It began to demand: “What is the meaning of life?” It was specifically the ego that asks these questions. Its last question is: “What is all of this for?” Which is to say, there is food, sex, family, honor, and knowledge; all of this is okay, but why is it necessary if everything comes to an end? This is useless. Even if we lengthen our lives for another 100 years, what else? The question remains unchanged.

For thousands of years our ego developed with a gift for answering all the questions about life. But now it bluntly asks the question, “What is it for?!” So we are in a crisis in all the areas of life: science, art, education, family, and so forth.

The entire world is immersed in depression and drugs because people long to know why they exist. They don’t want to have children or have a family because they feel that there is no meaning to it. People didn’t feel this way in the past, like animals that don’t have this problem.

The great challenge that stands before us is to understand how to find the meaning of life and where to search for it. We cannot find it in our world. We cannot find the meaning of life on Mars either, and not even on other distant stars because all of these are lifeless, inanimate bodies, the inanimate level of nature. To do this we must rise to a higher level than our level of life.

Nature is goading and hastening us toward this, so that we will rise up from the level of the still, vegetative, animate, and human nature in this world, to the next level, the next dimension.

How is it possible to rise above ourselves? After all, to do this we need to have a different nature. This is complicated, but possible. There is a method in our world, the wisdom of Kabbalah, which makes it possible to attain this. It explains how to find the meaning of life and places this question before humanity.

This is a 5,777 year-old method. Despite its antiquity, it is very relevant today because it is beginning to be revealed and has appeared only in our generation, calling to humanity to discover it, to possess it, and to know it, and through that to rise to the next level of development, the next dimension, the next world, during our lifetimes. The question about the meaning of life was posed at the beginning of the wisdom of Kabbalah, but it had to wait for humanity to develop. It was written at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century that it would be time for Kabbalah to be revealed and that the upper world would be attained with its help.

Every level develops from its previous level. The vegetative develops from the still, the animate develops, and then human society develops. And now we must rise to the next level, above the level of human society, to form a new man.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a very realistic method, accessible and imperative for each one of us. We are suggesting that everyone should become aware of it. It doesn’t require special changes, affiliations, or physical efforts and activities from us; just simply start studying it. It doesn’t call for believing in something; rather, it describes the world in which we are found, and according to its system, it will become clear to us what we must do to attain the real world, the next level of existence.

We don’t feel this level of existence now, just as a stone doesn’t feel the vegetative world and the vegetative world doesn’t feel the animate world because they are not on the same level of existence. So we only feel it to a very weak degree and don’t understand anything about the next level of our development.

Only a question about the meaning of life appears in us. So let’s discover the right answer and in that way we will merit immense pleasures and fulfillments! We will attain a feeling of true life!

When we begin to study this method, we will begin to understand the system in which we are found, its matrix, and this knowledge will lead us forward. It does not enslave us; it doesn’t bind us to anything, and is not obligatory. It is the only salvation for today’s  generation. A goal is being revealed before us that previously was hidden.

Here’s to your success in discovering it!
From KabTV’s  “Questions About the Meaning of Life” 9/19/16

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