The Virus Of Absolute Love

765.1Question: I saw a news clip of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tuvalu (a small low-lying Polynesian island) standing knee-deep in seawater addressing other countries with the cry that they will not exist in 10 to 15 years because the water is rising due to global warming. The minister admonishes: “We cannot wait for speeches when the sea is rising around us all the time.  Climate mobility must come to the forefront. We must take bold alternative action today to secure tomorrow.”

It is, most likely, a diplomatic trick, but will it be heard?

Answer: Of course not.

Question: I have an even more terrible thought. “Do I even hear it?”

Answer: No, also not. I assure you, it won’t spoil your appetite.

Comment: I will not tear out my hair, beat my chest, and so on. This is a problem.

My Response: It’s not a problem. This is our universal, normal, natural egoism. Imagine that our whole Earth is a jungle. We live in this jungle and we don’t even have a clue and don’t feel what’s going on with each other. The most important thing is that there is a jungle around us.

Question: Why did the Creator do such a thing that there is not a drop of empathy in us?

Answer: It is specially designed like this. The need to achieve boundless love.

Question: So we have to achieve boundless love, and that’s why we are now such complete sinners?

Answer: Absolutely complete, opposite.

Comment: You keep saying, “A person should understand what he is like.” But at what point will empathy arise? I really want it to happen sometime.

My Response: Never.

Question: And how will we come to love?

Answer: There is no way. We will not come to it, we will just gradually, piece by piece, destroy each other until we disappear. If we look at our nature, then this is how it should be. The only thing left for us is simply to agree together at the General Assembly of the United Unfortunate Nations: let’s push the nuclear buttons at the same time. That’s all.

Comment: And then there will be no one left at all, there will be no one to make the correction.

My Response: But we will clear this planet from us and that’s it.

Comment: We’ve made enough mess on it, you’re absolutely right here.

My Response: There is nothing you can do otherwise. This was how it was done in medieval castles; they left after they had made a mess, and left it as it was. And then the servants began to clean. After six months, it was possible to return.

If we look at our nature we see how all these great personalities act among themselves: politicians, scientists, physicists, chemists, anyone. They act only in one direction: How can we make sure that we can destroy others and they can’t destroy us. That’s all.

Question: But does someone invent something positive for humanity? Not just the means of destruction, right? For example, all sorts of medicines.

Answer: No. If we didn’t do bad things, we wouldn’t have to invent medicine. This is all a natural consequence.

Question: You mean if we didn’t do evil to others, we wouldn’t get sick?

Answer: Of course! There would be no illnesses. Nothing. This is the root of everything.

Question: At the same time, you say that it is also impossible to do good to others with our nature?

Answer: It is impossible. In our state I don’t see any way out.

Question: But how can we get out of it in order to still come to the purpose of creation?

Answer: I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about it at all because I see that it is impossible to do anything for humanity, with humanity, in humanity. I don’t see.

Question: Then what should I dream about and how maybe to get closer to this dream?

Answer: How to forget yourself and fall asleep? Sleep peacefully and forever.

Question: What are your hopes?

Answer: I’m continuing what I think is my mission. That is, I tell what I know.

I know that there is an opportunity to move to a completely different way of existence, the opposite of what we are in today. We are in complete rejection, suppression of each other. And the opposite state is boundless mutual love.

Let’s say we invented a virus that bit us all, and we would begin to feel that we are all the closest relatives who feel like one.

Comment: Which means, we can’t do anything ourselves, but if a virus came…

My Response: Maybe we can want it a little. And then these viruses will land on us and make us such people. This is our most important task.

To do this, first of all, we need to see who we are today. Do not deny the bad that is in us, do not put up with it. Try to understand that there may be an absolutely opposite quality. Because in nature, all qualities come in pairs opposite to each other. So there is such a possibility, although we do not see it.

And further, if we so wish, then such an inversion can happen in us. And if not, then forget yourself and fall asleep. At least you won’t be fouling the space around you.

Question: But can such an inversion happen?

Answer: It should happen, but when is unknown. And this is not pessimism. This is just a real statement of the normal facts of our nature.

Question: But it has to happen?

Answer: I think so. Because nature always manifests itself in two opposite qualities one after the other. Therefore, I think that after our state when we reach, as they say, the bottom, there will be such a phase reversal.

Question: And we will begin to understand that everything is created by love and should lead to love?

Answer: This will happen above us, that is, outside of us. And it will affect us in such a way that we will change, become absolutely the opposite— loving.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/15/21

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