On The Way To The Only System

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to realize the potential of each one of our experts in the integral method?

Answer: Our experts need to be in a unique integral system within our organization that becomes an integral community in itself.

They need to constantly be involved with inner training between them, feeding from the shared desire and thought, from the singular image that they create among them and are included within together. This is the singular, human image into which all of us melt in a good mutual relationship with one another, with mutual support and even love.

By receiving nourishment through an energetic, spiritual, integral recharge from this internal image, we can go to all kinds of organizations and arrange our training there, and, through us, the people will get that feeling, that spiritual recharge. But we need to nurture, uplift, and develop our community  and be involved  in our self-improvement all the time.

We can attain a state like this where our collective shared energy, our mutual integration, will become strong enough for them so that a few lessons will be enough for us to convey this to people, to educate them further, and to contribute to their advancement on condition that they will constantly be nourished through us.

We must be in the center of our group from which we get the integral power from everyone, and with its help, we succeed in transforming all the rest into being integral, then these circles will go and expand and become stronger. However, in any case, they need to be interconnected among them until all of humanity will transform and become one single system.

Then, all of us will transform into being similar to nature. Already, during the process of the work itself, we can see its positive results: a change in our relationship to the environment and our relationships with one another. In this way, we heal ourselves of the general crisis.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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