Internal Fulfillment Nullifies External Needs

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The main incentive for working in a mainstream company is for financial gain. What is the correct motivation for working in an organization that disseminates the integral methodology?

Answer: There cannot be any financial motivation in any enterprise that disseminates the Integral methodology. One should receive compensation that will enough to not feel any special needs. If one’s life is dedicated to integral unity, then it is enough to provide his or her family with a normal level of subsistence. Working with a good team and the fulfillment that one gets from one’s work will be completely sufficient and will even bring them a sense of happiness (of course on condition that their families do not put forward unusually high demands on them.)

I don’t think that material incentives will play a major role here. If a business accumulates additional funds, it can equally raise salaries to its workers so that people feel more at ease. Everybody should receive the same salary: teachers, their assistants who transport equipment to various events, those who help teachers conduct seminars, and technical workers.

In the integral society one major principle should be rigidly observed: the principle of equal work and equal pay. After all, one is able to teach because nature inbuilt certain qualities in him or her; another one has an ability to carry heavy things around. I cannot lift heavy things, and someone else does not know how to teach. We complement each other by each investing his or her abilities. So, our compensation has to be equal.

Compensation can be adjusted to certain family situations. Let’s say, one has five children, the other one has to support a second family and pay child support. Accordingly, we have to adjust their salaries and create conditions that allow our friends to stop thinking about these issues and being stressed about them.

Baal HaSulam writes that people should receive relatively equal salaries. If I have two children, a wife, and old parents, naturally, I should be getting twice as much as a young, healthy single person, and it will fine; I wouldn’t be receiving in excess of the norm.

Currently, married and single people who work in our organization receive the same salary. I think it is wrong. But in order to differentiate earnings, we need to have at least have some financial “cushion, which we don’t have as of yet.

As soon as we obtain a new level of financial flexibility, we’ll transition to a conditional differentiation in compensating our workers. Everyone should be roughly equal. One’s salary should not depend on who one is, but rather on circumstances that develop around it.

Comment: Let’s say, I live in New York, disseminate our methodology, and teach. However, I am used to somewhat higher living standards than the general public in our organization…

Answer: It means that you are not there yet; we’ll wait for you until you reach a normal level. If you are engaged in integral dissemination, you will eventually lose interest in the excesses of this material plane and you will inevitably be satisfied with general standard conditions. You won’t be enjoying expensive restaurants or fashionable clothes any more (other than if you have to look good to represent our organization somewhere.) You will need only things that are necessary for your work: comfortable, clean clothes and a normal diet. Internal fulfillment will extinguish external needs.

The main motivation in the Integral society is the result we obtain, the importance of the goal we pursue, the unity, pleasure that we receive from the work we do, from the result of the process.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/2013

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