You Woke Up – Awaken Others!

Dr. Michael LaitmanPicture this: Our world is divided into two parts. There are those kind of people, types of desires, who are able to connect with the upper force of nature, and therefore are called Yashar-Kel (Israel). Whether they carry out their mission or not, they are capable of doing so according to their nature. They already have this informational gene, Reshimo. In others, this gene is still hidden very deeply and lies dormant. That’s why they are incapable of establishing a connection with the upper force.

The part Israel has a chance, a readiness for contact with the upper force, and so they need to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and correct their broken Reshimot. These Reshimot wake up, clarify, connect with Malchut of the world of Atzilut, and turn into parts of the Shechina.

But, there are the types of desires that are unable wake up on their own and can only be awakened by those called Israel. These desires cannot attach to the nine lower Sefirot of Malchut of the world of Atzilut, so they are attached below. They have no active Galgalta ve Eynaim, so their job is to be ready to give up their material egoism, diminish their egos, and unite with each other so that they can live a good life. Also all the external conditions help them do this.

They do not need correction by going with faith above reason, as Israel who are required to reach a state of a complete nullification in front of the Upper who includes the lower and elevates it to a new level. As a result, when all connect, the Reforming Light will lift all on many levels. However, so far this is not required.

Israel is currently in a state that allows it to correct itself by connecting in a Kabbalistic group and adhering to the Upper. Thus, we find ourselves in the Upper and reveal it, whereas others cannot do so since they don’t feel a need for it, nor are their desires ready for that. And so they connect with each other solely to improve their current lives, each according to their needs. They achieve success because they become a bit like Galgalta ve Eynaim and cancel their AHP.

All Kabbalah writings divide into two categories. One part relates to the correction of a human being who has a predisposition, a point in the heart. The other part conveys to those who have a point in the heart or have reached spiritual attainment and have become Kabbalists about how to prepare the entire world for gradual revelation and attainment.

It is known that Baal HaSulam met with Ben Gurion, and visited Poland to address striking workers. Of course, he did not expect to find Kabbalists among them. In his article, “The Last Generation,” he described ways to provide mass education to the general public and stated that only then will the Light reveal the Creator to everyone: “For they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/13, The Study of the Ten Sefirot 

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