Servants Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Jewish people must show the world an example of unity, especially today when the crisis exacerbates, when threats and violence grow, protest movements inflate, unemployment, poverty and discrimination expand, and radical fascist and extremist organizations emerge.

We see that a new period has begun and that it is very dangerous for the wellbeing of humanity. As a result, we must realize that this is the time, the place, and the state when the Jewish people must demonstrate correct interconnection.

This nation is an internal part of the world. It expresses the aspiration of humanity toward attaining the unity that we need so much today. We see that the contemporary crisis is caused by a lack of unity among people and countries at all levels.

General egoism, the left line, has grown so tremendously that it threatens to destroy the entire structure of humanity. The world is becoming very small, and it’s torn apart by disagreements.

Only a special nation has the right line. If this nation rises and strengthens, it will transition to the middle line and thus, will point the entire world in this direction. So, here is the way out of the world crisis and a method to ascend above torments and problems in education, culture, economics, trade, and other spheres of life.

Question: These phrases, “special people” and “internal part of the world,” evoke the impression of some elite and privileged state. What, in fact, does this stand for?

Answer: It depends on how we look at it. If I am obligated to bring the method of correction to the world and serve as an example of correction, then it’s my duty. In this case, the entire world becomes very important to me since I am the one who is supposed to raise it, attend to it, and serve as “the light for the nations.”

“Special people” are a servant for the world, similar to the Cohens (Kohens, kohanim) serving the people of Israel. They really must demonstrate to others their distinctiveness by correcting themselves within the middle line, educating others, and setting correct examples.

In fact, the eyes of all the nations of the world are turned to the people of Israel. By blaming them for all existing problems, they basically confirm that this nation is the most important part of the world. They admit that this nation is so important that fifteen million Jews around the world are able to destroy seven billion people. How is that possible? And, yet, this is their claim.

If we refer to history and the Torah, it becomes clear that the people of Israel really represent a special part of the world. All they must do is to realize what their “uniqueness” is about, rather than ask others to regard them as a regular nation. No, it’s not “regular.” It is very special, as it is said in the Torah and other sources.

All of history is the evidence of this. It is obvious from the way Jewish people behave in various parts of the world. Everywhere, they play primary roles.

It’s not a secret that this nation possesses special properties, although the Jewish nation serves the world today and doesn’t even suspect what its predestination is. If you were to ask a regular Jew about this issue, he couldn’t understand exactly what you mean, and yet, the people of Israel must serve the world and transfer the “methodology of love,” that is, the method of achieving unity.

Today, while we all are in a state of internal crisis, the lack of love is especially obvious. On one hand, the world becomes much more interlaced and cannot subsist without tense liaisons that expand and strengthen every single day. On the other hand, the nature of our connection is fully egoistic.

General progress pushes us to unite even more. We have no authority over it. This is how our development goes. There is nothing we can do about it.

History, itself, is leading us into a situation where we are bound to a “small village,” although it is of a global and integral nature. At the same time, our personal, individual egoism has reached such a degree that we are becoming torn apart and strive to be detached even more.

Eventually, these two antagonistic forces might explode the Earth and all of humanity by unleashing catastrophic wars, detonating modern weapons. Now, the people of Israel must understand what, in fact, its distinctiveness is, and realize its purpose and role in the world today. If we don’t do that, the natural, historic process will compel us to, but in very unpleasant forms.
From a Conversation on 6/5/12

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