Aiming Into The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanAnimals have an instinctive connection with nature, and their perception of it occurs through the channels of their inner connection with nature. These channels are not available to man, are not understood, and not discovered by him.

When, in their development, people began to rise gradually from the animate to human level, they lost the channels of inner, natural, animal connection with nature, but the gradual loss of this information forced them to develop other connections not just to compensate for the past sensations, but to acquire new, more qualitative knowledge.

They were not driven by hunger. In reality, their development advanced to a deeper relationship with nature that gave them enough food, and they had much more free time to become tied with nature not through animal instinct, but on a deeper level.

Even those weapons that they invented, they invented them precisely to delve more deeply into nature. For example, they invented the bow and arrow. What for? To strike animals better, but what they used in the past was sufficient. The fact is that for such a device as the bow and arrow when a man is aiming and shooting, the main thing is not to aim and shoot, but, when he aims, he directs himself into the future, to the feeling of when he is sure that he hits the target.

That is why he doesn’t need to even shoot. He has worked himself into such a state that he has united with the target and, thus increased his sensitivity of nature so that the bow becomes a means for refining, for making himself sensitive in order to feel the future, whether or not he hits the target.

He reaches a state where he knows exactly that he will hit the target. That is, he achieves a connection with the target; he connects with the future state. He uses the bow to practice to attain the future in the present even without taking action. He doesn’t need to shoot.

The same thing happens in all other activities. Eastern martial arts, ritual dances, and wrestling were based on the principle of not touching the enemy, but controlling his future. You connect with the future. That is, the enemy is in front of you as a representation of your evil, and you practice your evil on him, feeling that you are with him, fighting your evil as if it were the enemy, and he does just the same.

These activities were regarded as noble, high, divine and sacred because through them, human development went in the opposite direction, to his struggle with his “I,” his ego, to ascend above himself. That is what martial arts, the bow and arrow, dances, ancient rituals gave him. This encouraged a person to work on himself and, most importantly, to rise to the future to experience it through earthly actions.

In reality, actions don’t matter. What matters is concentration, orientation toward the future. The same thing is above space and above time. The same practice is done to overcome distances and to feel motion, which is not necessary, but passes from movements like in dances, like in various ritual movements. All this passes into the inner action, to outplay oneself, one’s egoism, to connect with others, to see the enemy like one’s “I” that is against you.

Thus, people rose from the animate level and developed further. That is, it was not what we believe today that his development was to obtain more food and better settle. This is what our materialism tells us, but human development was directed toward the degree of “Human.” That is why we find evidence of the past everywhere: signs and monuments that we cannot solve because they were directed by the inner, spiritual ties with nature.

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