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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe difference between the spiritual and material worlds is that spirituality is our internal state. There is not some external picture with flying angels and evil spirits. But the world that we perceive outside of us is our inner state. All sensations are developed within the material of our perception.

Previously, in the past centuries, madmen who had visions were considered saints and seers. Later psychology explained that hallucinations were caused by internal processes that occur in people. The wisdom of Kabbalah agrees with these findings of psychology.

Since ancient times, from the very beginning of the revelation of the Creator by a man, Kabbalah has said that the pictures of this world are just projections of our internal sensations. However, we have an ability to change our psychology, and our perception and not live in this current reality, which occurs spontaneously and presents the picture of this world; we can choose what movie we want to watch.

To do this we need to investigate who we are, who governs us, and how it works, and then we’ll be able to look at ourselves rationally and soberly. It is written: “A judge has only what his eyes can see,” and all the rest is just our imagination. Our entire lives and all this world are also a dream.

Kabbalah gives us the tools to accomplish these changes: This is how it differs from any other approaches, whether religious or scientific. Kabbalah gives us the means to change our dreams and imaginary pictures we live in; it allows us to explore them, look at them from the side and see the forces acting on them, and to create these pictures. It elevates us to a degree where we begin to develop these pictures, the shape of the world.

In essence, we develop an ability to define what dimension we want to be in and what to choose.

Thus, we rise to a degree of attainment of the forces governing us and learn how to use them. And in the end, behind all these forces, we reveal the upper intelligence, the Creator’s desire. This is the most exalted level, the level of revelation of the cause of creation, its purpose and design; we achieve complete unity with the Creator.

But this is only a transitory peak, and what follows: Let’s wait and see. After all, at that time we’ll exist in a different form. And then there will be new and different levels of attainment and advancement. But, they have nothing to do with material desires because at that point our attitude towards the matter will be already corrected. This new revelation is outside the boundaries of the “matter” in more sublime properties.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/13

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