The Mission Of Nadav And Avihu

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Midrash says, Chapter “Shemini“: “Aaron had four sons and two of them Nadab and Avihu were not only beautiful but also had exceptional capabilities.

Beauty refers to the receiving of the Light of Hochma (the Light of life) in order to bestow.

Beauty refers to the feminine part of the soul (the left line), to the desire to receive that can work in order to bestow. But in the case of Nadav and Avihu it was revealed on the right side, since they were the sons. This means that it is actually about a mistake that is typical of youth. But youth refers to the acquisition and the initial stages of getting used to the new level.

“If we add their well known innocence and integrity, then it is clear that they should have become the future leaders of the nation. Even their names indicate greatness: ‘Nadav’ means that he is worthy of a sublime role (stemming from ‘Nevidut’ the Hebrew root ‘generosity’), and ‘Avihu’ indicates that he is worthy of becoming the father of the Jewish nation ( stemming from the same Hebrew root ‘father’).

Not only others noted their uniqueness, but they also recognized it. One time Nadav said to Avihu: ‘When Moses and Aaron are gone, we will take their place.’ And the Creator answered him: ‘We’ll see who will bury whom.’”

Question: What does it mean “when Moses and Aaron are gone, we will take their place”?

Answer: It means that the sons can ascend higher than the level of the fathers,

There is no death in spirituality. When we pass the level of Moses and Aaron, we will certainly be higher than they are and will be in their place.

Moses and Aaron are two lines, two levels, one below the other, even on the middle line. Aaron is more to the left line and Moses is more to the right line, and so they work together on the middle line. It is the same with Nadav and Avihu.

On the whole, Nadav and Avihu are really on a higher level than Moses and Aaron, but their mission is to actually signify the revelation of evil. So eventually they die, but by that they fulfill their mission. These are actually two attributes that have to be revealed on the next level above Moses and Aaron.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/15/14

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